Code Window Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the following shortcut keys to access commands in the Code window.

Description Shortcut Keys
View Code window F7
View Object Browser F2
Replace CTRL+H
Find Next F3
Find Previous SHIFT+F3
Next procedure CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Previous procedure CTRL+UP ARROW
View definition SHIFT+F2
Shift one screen down CTRL+PAGE DOWN
Shift one screen up CTRL+PAGE UP
Go to last position CTRL+SHIFT+F2
Beginning of module CTRL+HOME
End of module CTRL+END
Move one word to right CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Move one word to left CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move to end of line END
Move to beginning of line HOME
Delete current line CTRL+Y
Delete to end of word CTRL+DELETE
Indent TAB
Clear all breakpoints CTRL+SHIFT+F9
View shortcut menu SHIFT+F10