Image Control

Displays a picture on a form.


The Image lets you display a picture as part of the data in a form. For example, you might use an Image to display employee photographs in a personnel form. The Image lets you crop, size, or zoom a picture, but does not allow you to edit the contents of the picture. For example, you cannot use the Image to change the colors in the picture, to make the picturetransparent, or to refine the image of the picture. You must use image editing software for these purposes. The Image supports the following file formats:

  • *.bmp

  • *.cur

  • *.gif

  • *.ico

  • *.jpg

  • *.wmf

Note You can also display a picture on a Label. However, a Label does not let you crop, size, or zoom the picture.

The default event for the Image is the Click event.

Image Object