ListStyle, MultiSelect Properties Example

The following example uses the ListStyle and MultiSelect properties to control the appearance of a ListBox. The user chooses a value for ListStyle using the ToggleButton and chooses an OptionButton for one of the MultiSelect values. The appearance of the ListBox changes accordingly, as well as the selection behavior within the ListBox.

To use this example, copy this sample code to the Declarations portion of a form. Make sure that the form contains:

  • A ListBox named ListBox1.

  • A Label named Label1.

  • Three OptionButton controls named OptionButton1 through OptionButton3.

  • A ToggleButton named ToggleButton1.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 
 Dim i As Integer 
 For i = 1 To 8 
 ListBox1.AddItem "Choice" & (ListBox1.ListCount + 1) 
 Next i 
 Label1.Caption = "MultiSelect Choices" 
 Label1.AutoSize = True 
 ListBox1.MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectSingle 
 OptionButton1.Caption = "Single entry" 
 OptionButton1.Value = True 
 OptionButton2.Caption = "Multiple entries" 
 OptionButton3.Caption = "Extended entries" 
 ToggleButton1.Caption = "ListStyle - Plain" 
 ToggleButton1.Value = True 
 ToggleButton1.Width = 90 
 ToggleButton1.Height = 30 
End Sub 
Private Sub OptionButton1_Click() 
 ListBox1.MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectSingle 
End Sub 
Private Sub OptionButton2_Click() 
 ListBox1.MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectMulti 
End Sub 
Private Sub OptionButton3_Click() 
 ListBox1.MultiSelect = fmMultiSelectExtended 
End Sub 
Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() 
 If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then 
 ToggleButton1.Caption = "Plain ListStyle" 
 ListBox1.ListStyle = fmListStylePlain 
 ToggleButton1.Caption = "OptionButton " _ 
 & "or CheckBox" 
 ListBox1.ListStyle = fmListStyleOption 
 End If 
End Sub