RightToLeft Property

Returns a Boolean value that indicates the text display direction and controls the visual appearance on a bidirectional system.


The settings for the RightToLeft property are:

Setting Description
True The control is running on a bidirectional platform, such as Arabic Windows95 or Hebrew Windows95, and text is running from right to left. The control should modify its behavior, such as putting vertical scroll bars at the left side of a text or list box, putting labels to the right of text boxes, and so forth.
False The control should act as though it was running on a non-bidirectional platform, such as English Windows95, and text is running from left to right. If the container does not implement this ambient property, False is the default value.

The RightToLeft property holds ambient information from the Userform that suggests behavior to controls contained within the UserForm. This property is a Boolean that indicates text display direction and controls visual appearance on bidirectional systems. The default is False.