Application.DDETerminateAll Method (Access)

You can use the DDETerminateAll statement to close all open dynamic data exchange (DDE) channels.


expression. DDETerminateAll

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Return Value



For example, suppose you've opened two DDE channels between Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, one to retrieve system information about Microsoft Excel and one to transfer data. You can use the DDETerminateAll statement to close both channels simultaneously.

Using the DDETerminateAll statement is equivalent to executing a DDETerminate statement for each open channel number. Like the DDETerminate statement, the DDETerminateAll statement has no effect on active DDE link expressions in fields on forms or reports.

If there are no DDE channels open, the DDETerminateAll statement runs without causing a run-time error.


  • If you interrupt a procedure that performs DDE, you may inadvertently leave channels open. To avoid exhausting system resources, use the DDETerminateAll statement in your code or from the Immediate (lower) pane of the Debug window while debugging code that performs DDE.

  • If you need to manipulate another application's objects from Microsoft Access, you may want to consider using Automation.

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