Application.LanguageSettings Property (Access)

You can use the LanguageSettings property to return a read-only reference to the current LanguageSettings object and its related properties.


expression. LanguageSettings

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Once you establish a reference to the LanguageSettings object, you can access all the properties and methods of the object. You can set a reference to the LanguageSettings object by clicking References on the Tools menu while in module Design view. Then set a reference to the Microsoft Office Object Library in the References dialog box by selecting the appropriate check box. Microsoft Access can set this reference for you if you use a Microsoft Office Object Library constant to set a LanguageSettings object's property or as an argument to a LanguageSettings object's method.


The following example displays a message indicating the language Access uses for Help on the user's machine. A listing of all the available languages and their identification numbers is available in the Visual Basic Editor by selecting Object Browser from the View menu, typing the word MsoLanguageID in the Search Text box, and clicking the Search button.

Dim mli As MsoLanguageID 
mli = Application.LanguageSettings.LanguageID(msoLanguageIDHelp) 
MsgBox "The language ID used for Access Help is " &; mli

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