Application.Cursor Property (Excel)

Returns or sets the appearance of the mouse pointer in Microsoft Excel. Read/write XlMousePointer .


expression. Cursor

expression A variable that represents an [Application](./Excel.Application(Graph property).md) object.


| XlMousePointer can be one of these XlMousePointer constants.| | xlDefault . The default pointer.| | xlIBeam . The I-beam pointer.| | xlNorthwestArrow . The northwest-arrow pointer.| | xlWait . The hourglass pointer.|

The Cursor property isn't reset automatically when the macro stops running. You should reset the pointer to xlDefault before your macro stops running.


This example changes the mouse pointer to an I-beam, pauses, and then changes it to the default pointer.

Sub ChangeCursor() 
 Application.Cursor = xlIBeam 
 For x = 1 To 1000 
 For y = 1 to 1000 
 Next y 
 Next x 
 Application.Cursor = xlDefault 
End Sub

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