ListObject.SharePointURL Property (Excel)

Returns a String representing the URL of the SharePoint list for a given ListObject object. Read-only String .


expression. SharePointURL

expression A variable that represents a ListObject object.


Accessing this property generates a run-time error if the list is not linked to a SharePoint site.


The following example sets elements of the Target parameter of the Publish method to push the ListObject object to a SharePoint site. The code sample uses the SharePointURL property to assign the URL to the array and the Name property to assign the name of the list. The information in the array is then passed to the SharePoint site using the Publish method.

Sub PublishList() 
 Dim wrksht As Worksheet 
 Dim objListObj As ListObject 
 Dim arTarget(4) As String 
 Dim strSTSConnection As String 
 Set wrksht = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1") 
 Set objListObj = wrksht.ListObjects(1) 
 arTarget(0) = "0" 
 arTarget(1) = objListObj.SharePointURL 
 arTarget(2) = "1" 
 arTarget(3) = objListObj.Name 
 strSTSConnection = objListObj.Publish(arTarget, True) 
End Sub

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