PivotField.AutoShowCount Property (Excel)

Returns the number of top or bottom items that are automatically shown in the specified PivotTable field. Read-only Long .


expression. AutoShowCount

expression A variable that represents a PivotField object.


This example displays a message box showing the AutoShow parameters for the Salesman field.

With Worksheets(1).PivotTables(1).PivotFields("salesman") 
 If .AutoShowType = xlAutomatic Then 
 r = .AutoShowRange 
 If r = xlTop Then 
 rn = "top" 
 rn = "bottom" 
 End If 
 MsgBox "PivotTable report is showing " &; rn &; " " &; _ 
 .AutoShowCount &; " items in " &; .Name &; _ 
 " field by " &; .AutoShowField 
 MsgBox "PivotTable report is not using AutoShow for this field" 
 End If 
End With

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