Workbook.ChangeFileAccess Method (Excel)

Changes the access permissions for the workbook. This may require an updated version to be loaded from the disk.


expression. ChangeFileAccess( _Mode_ , _WritePassword_ , _Notify_ )

expression A variable that represents a Workbook object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Mode Required XlFileAccess Specifies the new access mode.
WritePassword Optional Variant Specifies the write-reserved password if the file is write reserved and Mode is xlReadWrite . Ignored if there's no password for the file or if Mode is xlReadOnly .
Notify Optional Variant True (or omitted) to notify the user if the file cannot be immediately accessed.


If you have a file open in read-only mode, you don't have exclusive access to the file. If you change a file from read-only to read/write, Microsoft Excel must load a new copy of the file to ensure that no changes were made while you had the file open as read-only.


This example sets the active workbook to read-only.

ActiveWorkbook.ChangeFileAccess Mode:=xlReadOnly

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