Workbook.CustomDocumentProperties Property (Excel)

Returns or sets a DocumentProperties collection that represents all the custom document properties for the specified workbook.


expression. CustomDocumentProperties

expression A variable that represents a Workbook object.


This property returns the entire collection of custom document properties. Use the Item method to return a single member of the collection (a DocumentProperty object) by specifying either the name of the property or the collection index (as a number).

Because the Item method is the default method for the DocumentProperties collection, the following statements are identical:



Use the BuiltinDocumentProperties property to return the collection of built-in document properties.

Properties of type msoPropertyTypeString cannot exceed 255 characters in length.


This example displays the names and values of the custom document properties as a list on worksheet one.

rw = 1 
For Each p In ActiveWorkbook.CustomDocumentProperties 
    Cells(rw, 1).Value = p.Name 
    Cells(rw, 2).Value = p.Value 
    rw = rw + 1 

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