Worksheet.HPageBreaks property (Excel)

Returns an HPageBreaks collection that represents the horizontal page breaks on the sheet. Read-only.



expression A variable that represents a Worksheet object.


There is a limit of 1,026 horizontal page breaks per sheet.


The following code example displays the number of full-screen and print-area horizontal page breaks.

For Each pb in Worksheets(1).HPageBreaks 
    If pb.Extent = xlPageBreakFull Then 
        cFull = cFull + 1 
        cPartial = cPartial + 1 
    End If 
MsgBox cFull & " full-screen page breaks, " & cPartial & _ 
    " print-area page breaks"

The following code example adds a page break when the value of a cell in column A changes.

Sub AddPageBreaks() 
    StartRow = 2 
    FinalRow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row 
    LastVal = Cells(StartRow, 1).Value 
    For i = StartRow To FinalRow 
    ThisVal = Cells(i, 1).Value 
    If Not ThisVal = LastVal Then 
    ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.Add before:=Cells(i, 1) 
    End If 
    LastVal = ThisVal 
    Next i 
End Sub

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