PivotCache.SourceConnectionFile property (Excel)

Returns or sets a String indicating the Microsoft Office Data Connection file or similar file that was used to create the PivotTable. Read/write.



expression A variable that represents a PivotCache object.


This example determines if a connection exists for the PivotTable cache, and if there is a connection, displays the file name. If no connection exists, the code handles the run-time error and notifies the user. This example assumes that a PivotTable exists on the active worksheet.

Sub CheckSourceConnection() 
 Dim pvtCache As PivotCache 
 Set pvtCache = Application.ActiveWorkbook.PivotCaches.Item(1) 
 On Error GoTo No_Connection 
 MsgBox "The source connection is: " & pvtCache.SourceConnectionFile 
 Exit Sub 
 MsgBox "PivotCache source can not be determined." 
End Sub

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