OutlookBarShortcuts.Add Method (Outlook)

Adds a new shortcut to a group in the Shortcuts pane.


expression. Add( _Target_ , _Name_ , _Index_ )

expression A variable that represents an OutlookBarShortcuts object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Target Required Variant The target of the shortcut being created.
Name Required String The name of the shortcut being created.
Index Optional Long The position at which the new shortcut will be inserted in the Shortcuts pane group. Position one is at the top of the group.The Target type depends on the shortcut type. If the type is Folder , the shortcut represents a Microsoft Outlook folder. If the type is a String , the shortcut represents a file-system path or a URL.

Return Value

An OutlookBarShortcut object that represents the new shortcut.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications example adds a shortcut to the Microsoft home page on the Web.

Sub AddShortcut() 
 Dim myOlBar As Outlook.OutlookBarPane 
 Dim myolGroup As Outlook.OutlookBarGroup 
 Dim myOlShortcuts As Outlook.OutlookBarShortcuts 
 Set myOlBar = Application.ActiveExplorer.panes.Item("OutlookBar") 
 Set myolGroup = myOlBar.Contents.Groups.Item(1) 
 Set myOlShortcuts = myolGroup.Shortcuts 
 myOlShortcuts.Add "https://www.microsoft.com", _ 
 "Microsoft Home Page", 1 
End Sub

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