View.GoToDate Method (Outlook)

Changes the date used by the current view to display information.


expression. GoToDate( _Date_ )

expression A variable that represents a View object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Date Required Date The date to which the view should be changed.


To specify a date to go to in a current view, such as a CalendarView object, you should first obtain a View object for the current view by using Explorer.CurrentView instead of Folder.CurrentView . The following code sample demonstrates how to perform this action.

Sub TestGoToDate() 
 Dim oCV As Outlook.CalendarView 
 Dim oExpl As Outlook.Explorer 
 Dim datGoTo As Date 
 datGoTo = "11/7/2005" 
 ' Display the contents of the Calendar default folder. 
 Set oExpl = Application.Explorers.Add( _ 
 Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar), olFolderDisplayFolderOnly) 
 ' Retrieve the current view by calling the 
 ' CurrentView property of the Explorer object. 
 Set oCV = oExpl.CurrentView 
 ' Set the CalendarViewMode property of the 
 ' current view to display items by day. 
 oCV.CalendarViewMode = olCalendarViewDay 
 ' Call the GoToDate method to set the date 
 ' for which information is displayed in the view. 
 oCV.GoToDate datGoTo 
End Sub

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