Application.PresentationSave Event (PowerPoint)

Occurs before any open presentation is saved.


expression. PresentationSave( _Pres_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Pres Required Presentation The presentation to be saved.


For information about using events with the Application object, seeHow to: Use Events with the Application Object.


This example saves the current presentation as an HTML version 4.0 file with the name "mallard.htm." It then displays a message indicating that the current named presentation is being saved in both PowerPoint and HTML formats.

Private Sub App_PresentationSave(ByVal Pres As Presentation)
    With Pres.PublishObjects(1)

        PresName = .SlideShowName
        .SourceType = ppPublishAll
        .FileName = "C:\HTMLPres\mallard.htm"
        .HTMLVersion = ppHTMLVersion4

        MsgBox ("Saving presentation " &; "'" _
            &; PresName &; "'" &; " in PowerPoint" _
            &; Chr(10) &; Chr(13) _
            &; " format and HTML version 4.0 format")
    End With
End Sub

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