Presentation.ApplyTemplate Method (PowerPoint)

Applies a design template to the specified presentation.


expression. ApplyTemplate( _FileName_ )

expression A variable that represents a Presentation object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
FileName Required String Specifies the name of the design template.


This example applies the "Professional" design template to the active presentation.

Application.ActivePresentation.ApplyTemplate _
    "c:\program files\microsoft office\templates" &; _
    "\presentation designs\professional.pot"

Note If you refer to an uninstalled presentation design template in a string, a run-time error is generated. The template is not installed automatically regardless of your FeatureInstall property setting. To use the ApplyTemplate method for a template that is not currently installed, you first must install the additional design templates. To do so, install the Additional Design Templates for PowerPoint by running the Microsoft Office installation program (click Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel).

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