SlideRange.Name Property (PowerPoint)

When a slide is inserted into a presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint automatically assigns it a name in the form Slide n, where n is an integer that represents the order in which the slide was created in the presentation. For example, the first slide inserted into a presentation is automatically named Slide1. If you copy a slide from one presentation to another, the slide loses the name it had in the first presentation and is automatically assigned a new name in the second presentation. A slide range must contain exactly one slide. Read/write.


expression. Name

expression A variable that represents a SlideRange object.

Return value



You can use the object's name in conjunction with the Item method to return a reference to the object if the Item method for the collection that contains the object takes a Variant argument. For example, if the value of the Name property for a shape is Rectangle 2, then .Shapes("Rectangle 2") will return a reference to that shape.

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