SlideRange.SlideID Property (PowerPoint)

Returns a unique ID number for the specified slide. Read-only.


expression. SlideID

expression A variable that represents a SlideRange object.

Return value



Unlike the SlideIndex property, the SlideID property of a Slide object won't change when you add slides to the presentation or rearrange the slides in the presentation. Therefore, using the FindBySlideID method with the slide's ID number can be a more reliable way to return a specific Slide object from a Slides collection than using the Item method with the slide's index number.


This example demonstrates how to retrieve the unique ID number for a Slide object and then use this number to return that Slide object from the Slides collection.

Set gslides = ActivePresentation.Slides

'Get slide ID
graphSlideID = gslides.Add(2, ppLayoutChart).SlideID

gslides.FindBySlideID(graphSlideID) _
    .SlideShowTransition.EntryEffect = _
    ppEffectCoverLeft      'Use ID to return specific slide

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