Comment.DateTime property (PowerPoint)

Returns the date and time a comment was created.


expression. DateTime

expression A variable that represents a Comment object.

Return value



Don't confuse this property with the DateAndTime property, which applies to the headers and footers of a slide.


The following example provides information about all the comments for a given slide.

Sub ListComments()

    Dim cmtExisting As Comment
    Dim strAuthorInfo As String

    For Each cmtExisting In ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Comments
        With cmtExisting
            strAuthorInfo = strAuthorInfo & .Author & "'s comment #" & _
                .AuthorIndex & " (" & .Text & ") was created on " & _
                .DateTime & vbCrLf
        End With

    If strAuthorInfo <> "" Then
        MsgBox strAuthorInfo
        MsgBox "There are no comments on this slide."
    End If

End Sub

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