FillFormat.TextureName property (PowerPoint)

Returns the name of the custom texture file for the specified fill. Read-only.



expression A variable that represents a FillFormat object.

Return value



This property is read-only. Use the UserTextured method to set the texture file for the fill.


This example adds an oval to myDocument. If shape one on myDocument has a user-defined textured fill, the new oval will have the same fill as shape one. If shape one has any other type of fill, the new oval will have a green marble fill.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes
    Set newFill = .AddShape(msoShapeOval, 0, 0, 200, 90).Fill
    With .Item(1).Fill
        If .Type = msoFillTextured And _
                .TextureType = msoTextureUserDefined Then
            newFill.UserTextured .TextureName
            newFill.PresetTextured msoTextureGreenMarble
        End If
    End With
End With

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