PpPlaceholderType enumeration (PowerPoint)

Specifies the type of placeholder.

Name Value Description
ppPlaceholderBitmap 9 Bitmap
ppPlaceholderBody 2 Body
ppPlaceholderCenterTitle 3 Center Title
ppPlaceholderChart 8 Chart
ppPlaceholderDate 16 Date
ppPlaceholderFooter 15 Footer
ppPlaceholderHeader 14 Header
ppPlaceholderMediaClip 10 Media Clip
ppPlaceholderMixed -2 Mixed
ppPlaceholderObject 7 Object
ppPlaceholderOrgChart 11 Organization Chart
ppPlaceholderPicture 18 Picture
ppPlaceholderSlideNumber 13 Slide Number
ppPlaceholderSubtitle 4 Subtitle
ppPlaceholderTable 12 Table
ppPlaceholderTitle 1 Title
ppPlaceholderVerticalBody 6 Vertical Body
ppPlaceholderVerticalObject 17 Vertical Object
ppPlaceholderVerticalTitle 5 Vertical Title

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