Application.WebOpenHyperlink Method (Project)

Opens the document specified by a hyperlink address.


expression. WebOpenHyperlink( _Address_, _SubAddress_, _AddHistory_, _NewWindow_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Address Optional String The address of the target document. If Address is omitted, the text of the selected field is used.
SubAddress Optional String A location within the target document.
AddHistory Optional Boolean True if the target document is added to the History folder. The default value is True.
NewWindow Optional Boolean True if the target document displays in a new window. The default value is False.

Return value



The WebOpenHyperlink method is only available when the selected assignment, resource, or task field contains a hyperlink.


The following example inserts a hyperlink in the Gantt Chart and then opens it.

Sub WebOpen_Hyperlink() 
 'Activate Gantt Chart 
 ViewApply Name:="&Gantt Chart" 
 SelectRow Row:=2, RowRelative:=False 
 InsertHyperlink Name:="https://MSDN/", Address:="", SubAddress:="", ScreenTip:="" 
 'Open the web page 
 WebOpenHyperlink Address:="", SubAddress:="" 
End Sub