Application.WindowActivate Method (Project)

Activates a window.


expression. WindowActivate( _WindowName_, _DialogID_, _TopPane_ )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
WindowName Optional String The name of the window to activate. The name of a window is the exact text that appears in the title bar of the window. The default is the name of the active window.
DialogID Optional Long A constant specifying the dialog box to activate. Can be the following PjDialog constant: pjResourceAssignment.
TopPane Optional Boolean True if Project should activate the upper pane. The default value is True.

Return Value



The following examples allow the user to specify and activate a "hot" window. If you assign the ActivateBookmarkedWindow macro to a shortcut key, you can press that key to quickly activate the bookmarked window.

Public BookmarkedWindowName As String ' The name of the current bookmarked window 
Sub ActivateBookmarkedWindow() 
 Dim IsOpen As Boolean ' Whether or not the current bookmarked window is open 
 Dim I As Long ' Index for For...Next loop 
 IsOpen = False ' Assume the bookmarked window is not open. 
 For I = 1 To Windows.Count ' Look for the current bookmarked window. 
 If LCase(Windows(I).Caption) = LCase(BookmarkedWindowName) Then 
 IsOpen = True 
 Exit For 
 End If 
 Next I 
 ' If the current bookmarked window is not open or defined, then run 
 ' the ChangeBookmarkedWindow procedure. 
 If Len(BookmarkedWindowName) = 0 Or Not IsOpen Then 
 MsgBox ("The current bookmarked window is not open or has not been defined.") 
 ' If the bookmarked window is open, activate it. 
 WindowActivate (BookmarkedWindowName) 
 End If 
End Sub 
Sub ChangeBookmarkedWindowName() 
 Dim Entry As String ' The text entered by the user 
 Entry = InputBox$("Enter the name of the bookmarked window.") 
 ' If the user chooses Cancel, then exit the Sub procedure. 
 If Entry = Empty Then Exit Sub 
 ' Otherwise, set the name of the bookmarked window and then activate it. 
 BookmarkedWindowName = Entry 
End Sub