PjServerPage Enumeration (Project)

Contains constants that specify the page to show in Project Web App or in a project site.

Name Value Description
pjServerPageApprovals 0 Show the Approvals page.
pjServerPageDocuments 7 Show the Documents page from the project site.
pjServerPageIssues 8 Show the Issues page from the project site.
pjServerPagePermissions 5 Show the Permissions page.
pjServerPagePortfolioAnalyzer 3 Show the Portfolio Analyzer page.
pjServerPageProjectCenter 2 Show the Project Center page.
pjServerPageProjectDetails 6 Show the Project Details page.
pjServerPageResourceCenter 1 Show the Resource Center page.
pjServerPageRisks 9 Show the Risks page from the project site.
pjServerPageStatusReports 4 Show the Status Reports page.
pjServerPageWorkspace 10 Show the Project Site page.