Project.CurrencySymbol Property (Project)

Gets or sets the characters that denote currency values. Read/write String.


expression. CurrencySymbol

expression A variable that represents a Project object.


Project sets the CurrencySymbol property equal to the corresponding value in the Customize Regional Options dialog box of the Windows Control Panel.


The following example formats currency values in the active project according to the country or region specified by the user.

Sub FormatCurrency() 
    Dim CountryOrRegion As String 
    ' Prompt the user to enter the name of a country or region. 
    CountryOrRegion = UCase(InputBox$("Enter the name of a country or region: ", "Format Currency By Country Or Region")) 
    Select Case CountryOrRegion 
        Case "US", "United States", "USA", "United States of America" 
            ActiveProject.CurrencySymbol = "$" 
            ActiveProject.CurrencySymbolPosition = pjBefore 
        Case "ENGLAND" 
            ActiveProject.CurrencySymbol = Chr(163) 
            ActiveProject.CurrencySymbolPosition = pjBefore 
        Case "SWEDEN" 
            ActiveProject.CurrencySymbol = "kr" 
            ActiveProject.CurrencySymbolPosition = pjAfterWithSpace 
        ' Warn user if the currency format is not known. 
        Case Else 
            MsgBox ("The currency format for that country or region is unknown.") 
    End Select
End Sub