Task.Type Property (Project)

Gets or sets the way the task is calculated; that is, which one of units, duration, or work are fixed. Read/write PjTaskFixedType.


expression. Type

expression A variable that represents a Task object.


The Type property for a task can be one of the following PjTaskFixedType constants: pjFixedUnits, pjFixedDuration, or pjFixedWork. The default value is pjFixedUnits for both automatically scheduled and manually scheduled tasks. The default task type can be set with the DefaultTaskType property for the Project object, or on the Schedule tab in the Project Options dialog box.

Note Although the task type can be set for automatically scheduled tasks in the Task Information dialog box, the Task type drop-down list is disabled for manually scheduled tasks. However, you can programmatically change the task type for manually scheduled tasks. The Task.Type property is read/write for both manually scheduled and automatically scheduled tasks.