ReportTable.UpdateTableData Method (Project)

Updates rows and columns in the report table to show the specified task or resource fields; uses the specified filter, group, and outline level.


expression. UpdateTableData (Task, GroupName, FilterName, OutlineLevel, SafeArrayOfPjField)

expression A variable that represents a 'ReportTable' object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Task Required Boolean True to update task data in the Field List task pane; False to update resource data.
GroupName Optional String Name of the group in the Group By drop-down list.
FilterName Optional String Name of the filter in the Filter drop-down list.
OutlineLevel Optional Long The task outline level. The default value is -1, which the equivalent of Show All. Not used for resource fields (when Task is False).
SafeArrayOfPjField Optional Variant Specifies an array of fields for the update, where each item in the array can be a PjField constant.
Task Required BOOL
GroupName Optional STRING
FilterName Optional STRING
OutlineLevel Optional INT
SafeArrayOfPjField Optional VARIANT

Return value


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