AdvancedPrintOptions.PrintBleedMarks Property (Publisher)

True to print bleed marks in the specified publication. The default is False. Read/write Boolean.


expression. PrintBleedMarks

expression A variable that represents a AdvancedPrintOptions object.

Return Value



Bleed marks show the extent of a bleed, and print an eighth inch outside the crop marks.

This property is only accessible if bleeds are allowed in the specified publication. Use the AllowBleeds property of the AdvancedPrintOptions object to specify bleeds are allowed. Returns "Permission Denied" if bleeds are not allowed in the publication.

This property corresponds to the Bleed marks control on the Page Settings tab of the Advanced Print Settings dialog box.


The following example sets the publication to allow bleeds, and to print bleed marks.

Sub AllowBleedsAndPrintMarks() 
 With ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions 
 .AllowBleeds = True 
 .PrintBleedMarks = True 
 End With 
End Sub

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