LayoutGuides.MirrorGuides Property (Publisher)

Returns or sets a Boolean indicating whether Microsoft Publisher creates mirror guide positions for a book fold publication. True if Publisher creates mirror guide positions for separate left and right pages in a book fold publication; False if the same margin, row, and column guides are applied to all pages in the publication. Read/write.


expression. MirrorGuides

expression A variable that represents a LayoutGuides object.

Return value



When the MirrorGuides property is True, margin settings apply to right-facing pages and are mirrored for left-facing pages. In addition, when set to True, the MirrorGuides property sets the publication to use two master pages instead of the default of one. The first master page is for all left-facing pages and the second is for all right-facing pages in the publication. For more information, see MasterPages object.


The following example sets Publisher to create mirror guides for a book fold publication and sets the inside and outside margins of each two-page spread. The example sets the left and right margin values for right-facing pages, and Publisher mirrors these values for left-facing pages.

With ActiveDocument.LayoutGuides 
 .MirrorGuides = True 
 .MarginLeft = 48 
 .MarginRight = 96 
End With