ParagraphFormat.Tabs Property (Publisher)

Returns a TabStops object representing the custom and default tabs for a paragraph or group of paragraphs.


expression. Tabs

expression A variable that represents a ParagraphFormat object.

Return value



The following example adds two tab stops to the selected paragraphs. The first tab stop is a left-aligned tab with a dotted tab leader positioned at 1 inch (72 points). The second tab stop is centered and is positioned at 2 inches.

Dim tabsAll As TabStops 
Set tabsAll = Selection.TextRange.ParagraphFormat.Tabs 
With tabsAll 
 .Add Position:=InchesToPoints(1), _ 
 Leader:=pbTabLeaderDot, Alignment:=pbTabAlignmentLeading 
 .Add Position:=InchesToPoints(2), _ 
 Leader:=pbTabLeaderNone, Alignment:=pbTabAlignmentCenter 
End With