PbTableAutoFormatType Enumeration (Publisher)

The type of automatic formatting to apply to the specified table.

Name Value Description
pbTableAutoFormatCheckbookRegister 0 Checkbook register
pbTableAutoFormatCheckerboard 20 Checkerboard
pbTableAutoFormatDefault -3 Default
pbTableAutoFormatList1 1 AutoFormatList1
pbTableAutoFormatList2 2 AutoFormatList2
pbTableAutoFormatList3 3 AutoFormatList3
pbTableAutoFormatList4 4 AutoFormatList4
pbTableAutoFormatList5 5 AutoFormatList5
pbTableAutoFormatList6 6 AutoFormatList6
pbTableAutoFormatList7 7 AutoFormatList7
pbTableAutoFormatListWithTitle1 8 Auto Format List with Title1
pbTableAutoFormatListWithTitle2 9 Auto Format List with Title2
pbTableAutoFormatListWithTitle3 10 Auto Format List with Title3
pbTableAutoFormatMixed -1 Auto Format mixed
pbTableAutoFormatNone -2 Auto Format none
pbTableAutoFormatNumbers1 11 Auto Format Numbers1
pbTableAutoFormatNumbers2 12 Auto Format Numbers2
pbTableAutoFormatNumbers3 13 Auto Format Numbers3
pbTableAutoFormatNumbers4 14 Auto Format Numbers4
pbTableAutoFormatNumbers5 15 Auto Format Numbers5
pbTableAutoFormatNumbers6 16 Auto Format Numbers6
pbTableAutoFormatTableOfContents1 17 Auto Format Table Of Contents1
pbTableAutoFormatTableOfContents2 18 Auto Format Table Of Contents2
pbTableAutoFormatTableOfContents3 19 Auto Format Table Of Contents3