Plate.InkName Property (Publisher)

Returns a PbInkName constant that represents the name of the ink to be printed using this plate. Read-only.


expression. InkName

expression A variable that represents a Plate object.


The InkName property value can be one of the ** PbInkName** constants declared in the Microsoft Publisher type library.

Use the FindPlateByInkName method of the PrintablePlates collection to return a specific plate by referencing its ink name.


The following example returns a list of the printable plates currently in the collection for the active publication. The example assumes that separations have been specified as the active publication's print mode.

Sub ListPrintablePlates() 
 Dim pplTemp As PrintablePlates 
 Dim pplLoop As PrintablePlate 
 Set pplTemp = ActiveDocument.AdvancedPrintOptions.PrintablePlates 
 Debug.Print "There are " & pplTemp.Count & " printable plates in this publication." 
 For Each pplLoop In pplTemp 
 With pplLoop 
 Debug.Print "Printable Plate Name: " & .Name 
 Debug.Print "Index: " & .Index 
 Debug.Print "Ink Name: " & .InkName 
 Debug.Print "Plate Angle: " & .Angle 
 Debug.Print "Plate Frequency: " & .Frequency 
 Debug.Print "Print Plate?: " & .PrintPlate 
 End With 
 Next pplLoop 
End Sub