ReaderSpread.Pages Property (Publisher)

Returns a Page object representing one of the pages that compose the specified reader spread.


expression. Pages(Index)

expression A variable that represents a ReaderSpread object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Index Required Long The page from the reader spread to return. Can be either 1 or 2.


A reader spread will consist of only one or two pages, which is why the valid values for the Index argument are 1 or 2.


The following example checks the reader spread of the fifth page in the active publication to see if it contains more than one page. If it does, the example reports the page number of the second page in the spread.

Dim pageTemp As Page 
With ActiveDocument.Pages(5).ReaderSpread 
 If .PageCount > 1 Then 
 Set pageTemp = .Pages(Index:=2) 
 MsgBox "The page number of the second page " _ 
 &; "in the spread is " &; pageTemp.PageNumber 
 MsgBox "The spread has only one page." 
 End If 
End With