ShapeRange.IncrementTop Method (Publisher)

Moves the specified shape or shape range vertically by the specified distance.


expression. IncrementTop(Increment)

expression A variable that represents a ShapeRange object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Increment Required Variant The vertical distance to move the shape or shape range. A positive value moves the shape or shape range down; a negative value moves it up. Numeric values are evaluated in points; strings can be in any units supported by Microsoft Publisher (for example, "2.5 in").

Return Value



Use the IncrementLeft method to move shapes or shape ranges horizontally.


This example duplicates the first shape on the active publication, sets the fill for the duplicate, moves it 70 points to the right and 50 points up, and rotates it 30 degrees clockwise.

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1).Duplicate 
 .Fill.PresetTextured PresetTexture:=msoTextureGranite 
 .IncrementLeft Increment:=70 
 .IncrementTop Increment:=-50 
 .IncrementRotation Increment:=30 
End With