TextRange.Lines Method (Publisher)

Returns a TextRange object that represents the specified lines.


expression. Lines(Start, Length)

expression A variable that represents a TextRange object.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
Start Required Long The first line in the returned range.
Length Optional Long The number of lines to be returned. Default is 1.

Return value



If Start is greater than the number of lines in the specified text, the returned range starts with the last line in the specified range.

If Length is greater than the number of lines from the specified starting line to the end of the text, the returned range contains all those lines.


This example replaces the first three lines of the first shape on the first page with the specified string.

Sub ReplaceLines() 
 Dim rngText As TextRange 
 Set rngText = ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(1) _ 
 .TextFrame.TextRange.Lines(Start:=1, Length:=3) 
 rngText.Text = "This is replacement text." & vbCrLf 
End Sub