Masters.Drop Method (Visio)

Creates a new Master object by dropping an object onto a receiving object such as a stencil or document, or the Masters or MasterShortcuts collection.


expression. Drop( _ObjectToDrop_ , _xPos_ , _yPos_ )

expression A variable that represents a Masters object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
ObjectToDrop Required [UNKNOWN] The object to drop. While this is typically a Visio object such as a Master , Shape , or Selection object, it can be any OLE object that provides an IDataObject interface.
xPos Required Integer The x-coordinate at which to place the center of the shape's width or PinX.
yPos Required Integer The y-coordinate at which to place the center of the shape's height or PinY.

Return Value



Using the Drop method is similar to moving a shape with the mouse. The object dropped ( ObjectToDrop) can be a master or a shape on the drawing page.

If ObjectToDrop is a Master , the pin of the master is dropped at the specified coordinates. A master's pin is often, but not necessarily, at its center of rotation.