Section.EventList Property (Visio)

Returns the EventList collection of an object or the EventList collection that contains an Event object. Read-only.


expression. EventList

expression A variable that represents a Section object.

Return value



This Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the EventList property to add an Event object to the EventList collection of a Document object. When the Event object is triggered by adding a shape to the document, the VSL add-on you specify runs.

Before running this macro, replace references to fullpath\filename and filename with a valid path and name for a Microsoft Visio VSL or executable (EXE) add-on.

Public Sub EventList_Example() 
 Dim vsoEventList As Visio.EventList 
 Dim vsoEvent As Visio.Event 
 Dim vsoAddons As Visio.Addons 
 Dim vsoAddon As Visio.Addon 
 'Prevent overflow error. 
 Const visEvtAdd% = &H8000 
 'Add the specified add-on to the Addons collection. 
 Set vsoAddons = Visio.Addons 
 Set vsoAddon = vsoAddons.Add ("fullpath\filename ") 
 'Add a ShapeAdded event to the EventList collection 
 'of the document. The event will start the specifed add-on, which 
 'should take no arguments. 
 Set vsoEventList = ThisDocument.EventList 
 Set vsoEvent = vsoEventList.Add(visEvtAdd + visEvtShape, visActCodeRunAddon, _ 
 "filename ", "") 
End Sub