ToolbarItem.BeginGroup Property (Visio)

Determines whether a toolbar item appears at the beginning of a group of items on the toolbar. Read/write.


expression. BeginGroup

expression A variable that represents a ToolbarItem object.

Return Value



Note Starting with Visio, the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface (UI) replaces the previous system of layered menus, toolbars, and task panes. VBA objects and members that you used to customize the user interface in previous versions of Visio are still available in Visio, but they function differently.

If you set the BeginGroup property of a ToolbarItem object to True , a spacer is inserted into the toolbar preceding this item.

Note In Microsoft Visio 2000, the only way to create a separator in a menu or a spacer in a toolbar was to add a dummy item with a CmdNum property of zero, a Caption property that contained "", and an empty MenuItems or ToolbarItems collection. This technique continues to work in later versions.