AutoCorrect.CorrectKeyboardSetting Property (Word)

True if Microsoft Word automatically transposes words to their native alphabet if you type text in a language other than the current keyboard language. Read/write Boolean .


expression. CorrectKeyboardSetting

expression An expression that returns an 'AutoCorrect' object.


The CheckLanguage property must be set to True to use the CorrectKeyboardSetting property.


This example displays a dialog box where the user can choose whether or not Word automatically transposes foreign words to their native alphabets.

x = MsgBox("Do you want Microsoft Word to tranpose " _ 
 & "foreign words to their native alphabet?", _ 
If x = vbYes Then 
 Application.CheckLanguage = True 
 AutoCorrect.CorrectKeyboardSetting = True 
 MsgBox "Automatic keyboard correction enabled!" 
End If

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