CoAuthLock object (Word)

Represents a lock within the document. The CoAuthLock object is a member of the CoAuthLocks collection.


Use Locks (index), where index is the index number, to return a CoAuthLock object. When adding a CoAuthLock object, use the WdLockType enumeration to specify the type of lock.


The following code example returns the first lock in the active document.

Dim myLock as CoAuthLock 
Set myLock = ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Locks(1)

The following code example adds a reservation lock on the third paragraph in the active document. Reservation locks are explicitly created by a document author and are persisted across explicit save actions (locks of type wdLockEphemeral do not persist across explicit saves). You can add locks with a with a lock type of wdLockReservation using the Word ribbon. For example, you can create a reservation lock on a selected paragraph range using Block Authors on the Review tab.

ActiveDocument.CoAuthoring.Locks.Add(ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(3), wdLockReservation)

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