Document.New event (Word)

Occurs when a new document based on the template is created. A procedure for the New event will run only if it is stored in a template.


expression.**Private Sub Document_New'

expression A variable that represents a Document object.


For information about using events with the Document object, see Using events with the Document object.


This example asks the user whether to save all other open documents when a new document based on the template is created. (This procedure is stored in the ThisDocument class module of a template, not a document.)

Private Sub Document_New() 
 Dim intResponse As Integer 
 Dim strName As String 
 Dim docLoop As Document 
 intResponse = MsgBox("Save all other documents?", vbYesNo) 
 If intResponse = vbYes Then 
 strName = ActiveDocument.Name 
 For Each docLoop In Application.Documents 
 With docLoop 
 If .Name <> strName Then 
 End If 
 End With 
 Next docLoop 
 End If 
End Sub

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