LinkFormat.SourcePath Property (Word)

Returns the path of the source file for the specified linked OLE object, picture, or field. Read-only String .


expression. SourcePath

expression An expression that returns a 'LinkFormat' object.


The path doesn't include a trailing character (for example, "C:\MSOffice"). Use the PathSeparator property to add the character that separates folders and drive letters. Use the SourceName property to return the file name without the path and use the SourceFullName property to return the path and file name together.


This example returns the path and name of the source file for any shapes on the active document that are linked OLE objects.

For Each s In ActiveDocument.Shapes 
 If s.Type = msoLinkedOLEObject Then 
 Msgbox s.LinkFormat.SourcePath &; "\" _ 
 &; s.LinkFormat.SourceName 
 End If 
Next s

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