Options.AutoFormatApplyBulletedLists Property (Word)

True if characters (such as asterisks, hyphens, and greater-than signs) at the beginning of list paragraphs are replaced with bullets from the Bullets and Numbering dialog box (Format menu) when Word formats a document or range automatically. Read/write Boolean .


expression. AutoFormatApplyBulletedLists

expression A variable that represents an 'Options' object.


This example replaces any characters used at the beginning of list paragraphs in the current selection with bullets.

Options.AutoFormatApplyBulletedLists = True 

This example returns the status of the Automatic bulleted lists option on the AutoFormat tab in the AutoCorrect dialog box (Tools menu).

Dim blnAutoFormat as Boolean 
blnAutoFormat = Options.AutoFormatApplyBulletedLists

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