Table.ApplyStyleLastRow Property (Word)

True for Microsoft Word to apply last-row formatting to the last row of the specified table. Read/write Boolean .


expression. ApplyStyleLastRow

expression An expression that returns a 'Table' object.


The specified table style must contain last-row formatting to apply this formatting to a table.


This example formats the second table in the active document with the table style "Table Style 1" and removes formatting for the first and last rows and the first and last columns. This example assumes that a table style named "Table Style 1" exists and that it contains last-row formatting.

Sub TableStyles() 
 With ActiveDocument.Tables(2) 
 .Style = "Table Style 1" 
 .ApplyStyleFirstColumn = False 
 .ApplyStyleHeadingRows = False 
 .ApplyStyleLastColumn = False 
 .ApplyStyleLastRow = False 
 End With 
End Sub

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