TextEffectFormat.NormalizedHeight Property (Word)

MsoTrue if all characters (both uppercase and lowercase) in the specified WordArt are the same height. Read/write MsoTriState .


expression. NormalizedHeight

expression Required. A variable that represents a 'TextEffectFormat' object.


This example adds WordArt that contains the text "Test Effect" to myDocument and gives the new WordArt the name "texteff1." The code then makes all characters in the shape named "texteff1" the same height.

Set myDocument = ActiveDocument 
myDocument.Shapes.AddTextEffect(PresetTextEffect:=msoTextEffect1, _ 
 Text:="Test Effect", FontName:="Courier New", _ 
 FontSize:=44, FontBold:=True, _ 
 FontItalic:=False, Left:=10, Top:=10).Name = "texteff1" 
myDocument.Shapes("texteff1").TextEffect.NormalizedHeight = msoTrue

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