ContentControlListEntry.Value property (Word)

Returns or sets a String that represents the programmatic value of an item in a drop-down list or combo box content control. Read/write.



expression An expression that returns a ContentControlListEntry object.


Use the Value property to store data that you need to use at processing time. For example, the Text property may contain a string that you want to display and the Value property may contain a number, such as an item number, that you can use to look up information in a database. Also, the value of the Value property is what is sent to the custom XML data, if the content control is mapped to XML data in the data store.


You cannot set the Value property for list entries that were automatically populated from an XML schema attached to the custom XML that is mapped to this control.


The following example sets the value for the item based on the contents of the display text.

Dim objCc As ContentControl 
Dim objLe As ContentControlListEntry 
Dim strText As String 
Dim strChar As String 
Set objCc = ActiveDocument.ContentControls(3) 
For Each objLE In objCC.DropdownListEntries 
 If objLE.Text <> "Other" Then 
 strText = objLE.Text 
 objLE.Value = "My favorite animal is the " & strText & "." 
 End If 

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