Field.Code property (Word)

Returns a Range object that represents a field's code. Read/write.


expression. Code

expression A variable that represents a 'Field' object.


A field's code is everything that's enclosed by the field characters ({ }) including the leading space and trailing space characters. You can access a field's code without changing the view from field results.


This example displays the field code for each field in the active document.

Dim fieldLoop As Field 
For Each fieldLoop In ActiveDocument.Fields 
 MsgBox Chr(34) & fieldLoop.Code.Text & Chr(34) 
Next fieldLoop

This example changes the field code for the first field in the active document to CREATEDATE.

Dim rngTemp As Range 
Set rngTemp = ActiveDocument.Fields(1).Code 
rngTemp.Text = " CREATEDATE " 

This example determines whether the active document includes a mail merge field named "Title."

Dim fieldLoop As Field 
For Each fieldLoop In ActiveDocument.MailMerge.Fields 
 If InStr(1, fieldLoop.Code.Text, "Title", 1) Then 
 MsgBox "A Title merge field is in this document" 
 End If 
Next fieldLoop

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