HangulHanjaConversionDictionaries.Add method (Word)

Returns a Dictionary object that represents a new custom spelling or conversion dictionary added to the collection of active custom spelling or conversion dictionaries.


expression.Add (FileName)

expression Required. A variable that represents a 'HangulHanjaConversionDictionaries' collection.


Name Required/Optional Data type Description
FileName Required String The string name of the dictionary file. If no path is specified in the string, the proofing tools path is used.

Return value



If a file with the name specified by the FileName parameter doesn't exist, Microsoft Word creates one.

The Dictionaries collection includes only the active custom spelling dictionaries. Dictionary objects that are derived from the Languages collection don't have an Add method. These include the Dictionary objects returned by the ActiveSpellingDictionary, ActiveGrammarDictionary, ActiveThesaurusDictionary, and ActiveHyphenationDictionary properties.

Use the HangulHanjaDictionaries property to return the collection of custom conversion dictionaries. The HangulHanjaConversionDictionaries collection includes only the active custom conversion dictionaries.


This example removes all dictionaries from the list of custom conversion dictionaries and creates a new custom dictionary file. The new dictionary is assigned to be the active custom dictionary, to which new words are automatically added.

With HangulHanjaDictionaries 
 .Add FileName:="C:\My Documents\MyCustom.hhd" 
 .ActiveCustomDictionary = CustomDictionaries(1) 
End With

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