ListLevel.NumberPosition property (Word)

Returns or sets the position (in points) of the number or bullet for the specified ListLevel object. Read/write Single.


expression. NumberPosition

expression An expression that returns a 'ListLevel' object.


For each list level, you can set the position of the number or bullet, the position of the tab, and the position of the text that wraps.


This example sets the indentation for all the levels of the third outline-numbered list template. Each list level is indented 0.25 inch (18 points) more than the preceding level.

r = 0 
For Each lev In ListGalleries(wdOutlineNumberGallery) _ 
 lev.Alignment = wdListLevelAlignLeft 
 lev.NumberPosition = r 
 r = r + 18 
Next lev

This example sets the indent for the first level of the last numbered list template to 0.5 inch.

With ListGalleries(wdNumberGallery).ListTemplates(7).ListLevels(1) 
 .Alignment = wdListLevelAlignLeft 
 .NumberPosition = InchesToPoints(0.5) 
End With

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